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Our Values

Want to know a little more about how we work from day to day? Here’s our company culture in a few words:

BlueBat Games was founded by industry veterans intent on escaping the crushing overtime addiction and dysfunction of high turnover rampant in the tech industry- we offer a grown-up alternative to the silly perks and distractions some tech companies feel are a substitute for true business vision and structure.
Our team truly strives for work / life balance, and we pride ourselves on providing an environment that allows people to feel their contribution is meaningful and valued. Our employees would rather focus on getting a solid day’s work done and enjoy their downtime. We want everyone who works here to live their best life!
Whose hat is this? It’s your hat! We all wear multiple hats here. And if you notice an issue that needs a solution, just bring it to the attention of people who can help. We make data-driven decisions, find instruction and inspiration through shared insights to shape the knowledge and processes of our company. It’s a very exciting time to be at BlueBat Games!
We’re moving into a relatively new space, even setting many of the conventions! We have assembled a team with an impressive amount of expertise in key areas, from product vision through to live operations. We’re here to pitch in and collaborate. We provide a supportive environment for professional development: conferences and training resources, expertise sharing with friends at affiliate studios, lots of community building initiatives.

“Science does not know its debt to imagination.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


We take good care of our people here at BlueBat Games. Check it out:

  • A competitive salary and vacation time
  • Medical and Dental coverage
  • Professional development and education opportunities
  • A constantly growing resource library
  • Team outings, lunches and BBQ feasts
  • Proudly supporting the Vancouver tech community at fun events
  • We’ve earned a reputation for throwing some pretty fun parties. You ought to check out the view from our deck…